Space Green

Agriculture is one of the oldest and most pervasive human impacts on the planet. But while driving through the seemingly endless monotony of wheat fields in Kansas may give you some insight into the magnitude of the change to the landscape, it doesn't compare to the view from above. 
When seen from space, those same boring wheat fields are transformed into a strange and even beautiful pattern.

The first two images are of Brazil, The crops include sunflowers, wheat, potatoes, coffee, rice, soybeans and corn.

Fields in Kansas, mostly corn.

Sudan, The crops are fed by thousands of miles of canals and irrigation ditches.

The Netherlands

Bolivia, the star-shaped patterns pictured above are radial soybean fields.

Egypt, The Nile river supports most of the land. The green along with the darker brown soil and scattered grey urban areas show up in clear contrast with the surrounding dry landscape. 

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