The many Spines of Mike Stilkey

"Well, at the time it seemed like 10,000, but I think it was closer to 5,000 books. The complete installation took me ten days, from start to finish. When I arrived at the gallery on the first day, I looked at the 16' by 44' wall and wondered what I had gotten myself into. I guess I needed that sort of anxiety to propel me through the next week and a half." California-based artist Mike Stilkey paints images on the bindings of books. Awesome.

Check him out at - www.mikestilkey.com

Elliot Landy.


Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri are the founders and designers of Bokja Furniture, based out of Beirut. Named after the Turkish word for an embellished velvet wrapping of treasures, they carry vibrant upholstered found furniture and I wish I owned it all. They use vintage Middle Eastern fabric to create some of the most unique pieces I have ever seen.

You can find these amazing pieces at ABC Carpet, 888 Broadway New York City


Space Project

The absolutely beautiful ‘Space Project’ photo series by Vincent Fournier makes us reconeect to our sense of exploration.These photos document a lone space man's journey through vast and magnificent landscapes.

Fournier photographed observatories and astronaut training stations in some of the most desolate places in the world, including the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center of the Russian Federation, the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, and the Atacama Desert Observatories in Chile.

check out more of his work here


Surrealist Wonder

Andrea Galvani was born in Italy in 1973 and currently lives in Brooklyn and Milan. Through his work, Galvani tries to provoke new feelings, and he does this using different mediums. Using a single subject, or a group of similar subjects, his work is a clever combination of surrealist wonder with a juxtaposition of the natural and the artificial.



I thought this was interesting so I have to share it. I like the way it was put together, and more importantly, I like what they had to say. This is a visual breakdown from an interview that the awesome band Phoenix did. If you want to spend some time listening (reading) to members of a great band with fantastic taste, than this is for you too :

Sublime Design

These erotic wooden furniture pieces are by sculptural designer Peter Rolfe. You cant really tell at first glance, but all of the following forms open up in various places, becoming a functional dresser. Whether or not his striking furniture shocks or pleases you, the craftsmanship is undeniable. The layers, carved and polished plywood are extremely complex and its delicacy is something to admire. If nothing else, they are fun conversation starters and question people's sensibility. I would love to have one in my home.