Magical Mystery Tour!

These gorgeous images are by Barry Underwood who stages light sculptures at night and then photographs them to get these incredible results. His landscapes, while staged, incorporate man-made light with an almost eerie naturalness. These glowing elements should capture our eyes and take away from the nature around them, but instead they give us a new view of nature, one that we have left our footprints on.
If you don’t feel a little sense of wonder while viewing his work, your sense of wonder may be broken.

for more information visit www.barryunderwood.com


Lillian Bassman

Lillian Bassman's amazing photography definitely stands out among others because of her unique point of view.
Her photos elude romance, elegance and secrecy.
She is more of an artist than a technician.

Bassman worked as a photographer and art director at Harpers Bazaar for more than 20 years. Her fashion photography often pushed the boundaries from representation to abstraction through dramatic lighting, often diagonal composition, and then darkroom manipulation.

In the 70's, Bassman abandoned fashion photography and tossed out 40 years of negatives and prints - her life's work. Over 20 years later, a forgotten bag filled with hundreds of images was discovered. At the age of 92, Ms. Bassman is currently reinterpreting and re-printing her fashion photos with the use of darkroom, manual manipulation and photoshop. So it's most likely that the images shown here are not as they were originally printed, but as Ms. Bassman herself interprets them decades after they were created.
They still remain beautiful, original and iconic.


Giuliano Mauri

Mauri's goal is to bring together art and nature. He controls, shifts and shapes trees and bends them to his will while recognizing and respecting their beauty, growth tendencies and living movements over time. He is a true master of enhancing the beauty of nature, and makes me fall in love with it all over again. He makes you look at nature in a completely new way, as if nature wasn't refreshing enough.


Alex Steinweiss.

I am so inspired by Alex Steinweiss' art. He revolutionized the music business, and affected the lives of so many people. In 1940, he proposed to Columbia to make a change in the presentation and packaging of the 78 RPM record albums. His idea was to use original artwork on the front of the abums. He was the inventor of the album cover. He wanted people to look at the artwork and be able to hear the music. His contribution to the world definitely makes my life better.



Julia's Vision

I'm in love with these images by Julia Galdo. Her images are greatly relatable, beyond gorgeous, and she definitely has an eye for unique scenes. I am especially fond of her ability to showcase her strengths in a large variety of different lighting situations. After picking up a camera at the age of 16, Julia Galdo left her dream of being a marine biologist behind her and attended the San Francisco Art Institute. Since graduating, Galdo has worked as a professional photographer for clients like Good Vibrations, Microsoft, Juxtapoz, Nike, 7×7 magazine and lots more. Julia regularly collaborates on projects with photographer Cody Cloud.

I'm also in great awe of her site,


& her team site -


Yellena James

Yellena James is one to watch in the art world. So intriguing to look at, I love her use of color, the line work, and particularly the shapes she uses to show natural forms. Being inspired by similar things, it is great to see her take on nature and see her reveal her amazing exploration of colors and shapes.

Check her out -