i LOVE wood

My favorite.
I have known of the artist/sculptor Martin Puryear for a while, but just recently came across one of his sculptures,
which made me want to experience more.
What I love most about his work is the minimal,
simple design that they evoke, yet each is ingeniously complex.
He is a modern thinker, howev
er primitive in technique.
Taking inspiration from every-day life, architecture and culture, his work contributes to society as a whole and reminds us just how beautiful simple objects can be.


Scan one over!

Everyone knows my love of food.
That's why when I came across the web-site Scanwiches.com, I couldn't help but drool and had to share my new culinary discovery.
Come on....admit it, they look delicious (well, some).

Here are some of my favorites that I will be trying out very
very soon.

Clockwise from top left:

Ed's Lobster Bar - Lobster roll, on toasted bread
D&D - Chicken salad, cheddar, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato on a hero
Mooncake - Steak, peppers, lettuce, herbal mayo on a baguette
Katz Deli - Lox, cream cheese, tomato on an everything bagel



I can not say enough about great design.
However, besides making me smile,
I greatly admire smart thinking and genius engineering.
Ross Lovegrove is a Design God.
His creation, the Solar Tree, is a force to be reckoned with.
bring a sense of optimism to Grey urban environments and remind us of a greener future.

Its LED bubbles light up at night through the sunlight accumulated during the day by the solar panels.
Looks gorgeous anywhere and actually encourages people to Save our Planet.
Imagine if every city embarked on this?

P.S. - I just think these are cool. Put these everywhere!


Wade Kavanaugh

Wade Kavanaugh does large installations made out of building
materials such as steel, plywood, sheet rock, and compound.
I would love to see one of these large room installations. Luckily his work will be on display at the Reeves Contemporary, in NY, 535 W. 24th St. until March 21.
Catch it while you can! You wont regret it.


Hotel Fox

Hotel Fox is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
For the launch of the new Volkswagen Fox 21, International artists from the fields of graphic design, urban art and illustration turned Hotel Fox into the world’s most exciting and creative lifestyle hotel.
Each room is an individual piece of art.
From wacky comical styles to strict graphic design.
From street art and Japanese manga to simply spaced out fantasies. You will find flowers, fairytales, friendly monsters, dreaming creatures, secrets vaults, etc.