Waste Landscape

“Waste Landscape” is an idea by architect ClĂ©mence Eliard and artist Elise Morin who took a slightly more digital approach to the concept of waste. This installation is formed from 65,000 unsold (and unwanted) CDs which the pair then sewed the discs together by hand, before blanketing them over dune-like wire constructions inside the Centquatre -- a Parisian art space that, appropriately enough, was once a funeral home.

The result is an array of sloping, shimmering hills that emerge from the floor like disco ball pimples, creating a space that the artists not-so subtly compare to an oil spill. It's a pretty sobering reminder of the environmental fingerprint archaic technologies can leave behind, but Eliard and Morin's story has a happy ending. When the exhibit comes to a close, every single CD will be recycled into polycarbonate. 


Jason Hackenwerth

Its rare to be blown away by art, but Jason Hackenwerth is a breath of fresh air. His balloon sculptures are something that I have never seen before and definitely make me smile. These aline-like structures take about 3 days each to make, and are made up of nothing but thousands of balloons. He takes balloon animals to a whole new level.

The largest sculpture Jason has made is more than 40ft long. These amazing creations give us a small insight into the mind of the 39 year old New York artist who began using balloons after becoming skilled with them as a street performer during his college years.

"I wouldn't say I set out to make underwater creatures but that's what people seem to see in them most often. I spend lots of time sketching and planning the sculptures I make. The ideas come from all over"

These sculptures are not only made to hang from the ceiling, but they are also wearable.
He has made and performed in these huge wearable sculptures calling them "Megamites" at shows and festivals around the world. Jason’s sculptures bear a surprisingly organic look, so it seems almost logical that they would walk and interact with people. After some time, the balloons begin to deflate, so each structure has a life, reminding us all of the transience of our own lives.

To see more of Jasons work, go here

Beach House

This amazing beach house, called "Pretty Beach House" is a private guesthouse located not too far north of Sydney, Australia. Its hidden deep inside of Bouddi Naional Park among native eucalyptus trees and at the edge of Pretty Beach. This is an all inclusive retreat that is the perfect place to forget your worries and lose yourself in nature. I've only dreamed of staying in a place like this.

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