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Greeting the Simple Life

Andy Kehoe was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and now spends his days painting in his attic in Portland, OR.

He grew up reading comics and found escape in the over stylized violence they portrayed. His paintings show his childlike innocence from a time when magic and monsters existed in his life. I love his work, it brings my imagination to a place I forgot was there.

to see more of his artwork, click THIS!

Yarn Land

Utterly fascinating thread installations by Parisien artist S├ębastien Preschoux. He likes to make his stringent geometric installations by realizing shapes with traditional materials and tools that computers can realize within seconds – out in our everyday environment where there is no graphic to begin with. With a camera and some well placed lighting, Preschoux captures his string sculptures to share with the world.
I can’t begin to imagine how much time he uses on each installation. 

check out more : www.m-vs-m.com



Sean is a short student documentary about 4 year old Sean Farell, who lives with his hippy parents in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district in the 1960’s. Directed by Ralph Arlyck, the film shows Sean’s thoughts on marijuana, police presence, and freewheeling lifestyles. 

Following Sean (2005) is Arlyck’s follow up to the documentary.
Following Sean Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Part 6

The Retro Spectrum

Vinyl Williams is a man of many trades, and his trades are equally genius. He is an artist and a musician and combines both of this talents effortlessly. Hailed from Salt Lake City, UT, Williams has been known to infuse psychedelic, ambient, drum & bass, and dub into a middle-eastern themed genre. But he goes beyond that by recording everything with pseudo-scientific measurements to create vibrational states using frequency combinations. Woah. I discovered his art first and I am completely amazed by his detailed imagery and how it blends beautifully with visions of our expansive soaring magical world. 

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Snow has the power to completely transform a landscape; it’s an almost magical moment to look out the window and see your world covered in white. Snow can itself be transformed into works of art, temporary of course, but dazzling in spite of, or perhaps because of their temporary nature.
More than just snowmen or forts in your backyard, here are some amazing snow sculptures from around the world.

Ran Run Running

Ran Hwang is a korean-born artist who now works in New York. She is best known for her installations that make use of common objects like buttons and crystals pinned directly onto the wall of the gallery. Using each object like a pixel on a screen, Hwang creates oversized murals of birds, trees and other things of beauty. Her subject matter is often influenced by Buddhist theories and symbolism.

My immense wall installations are extremely time consuming and repetitive manual work. This is a form of meditative practice that helps me find my inner peace. Pins are used to hold buttons onto the surface to form a silhouetted image, or to disintegrate such image. No adhesive is used so the buttons are free to stay and move, which implies the genetic human tendency to be irresolute. I use buttons because they are common and ordinary, like the existence of human beings.”
“By hammering thousands of pins onto a wall, I discover significance of existence. Like the monks practicing Zen facing the wall, my work is a form of performance that leads to finding oneself.”

check out more of her art here

Mother Nature's Art

The Cleveland Harbor West Pier head Lighthouse on Lake Eerie was turned into an incredible natural work of art thanks to high waves and freezing temperatures in December of 2010. Mother Nature really knows what she's doing.... incredible.


Pursuit of Happiness

There are two reasons why I love this. 
1. This cover simply rocks and 2. She is from Ojai and couldn't be any cooler.