Anamorphosis is a technique used by Felice Varini, also known as Multi-Surface Perspective Images. Its the process of creating a whole image or symbol that becomes clear and cohesive from a certain viewing perspective, and a jumbled mess of fragments from any other vantage point. Varini is the master at this, and has accumulated an extensive collection of work starting from the late 1970's. He has done pieces in small areas to cityscapes. He challenges us to look at the space around us differently.

Varini's website features photos of alternative views of his works, so you can see how they actually look, in situ, but that sort of spoils the fun of looking at them from the intended POV. If you want to explore more of his work, click here

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  1. Simply incredible, I just came across this from Cracked.com and i'm doing some further research on this following topic, thanks so much for this post it has also assisted in my writing a new blog post focusing on Felice as an artist.