I came across some of these photographs and it made me want to delve deeper. It makes me want to travel. To see the world. This planet is so huge and I can't fathom not discovering it. The following pictures are both inspiring and intriguing. Land that is so alien-like, it's hard to imagine that we can all go see and experience these places ourselves.

Black Rock Desert, Nevada - Best known as the place where Burning Man takes place, it's also home to alien features such as the Fly Geyser

Kauai, Hawaii - Seaside lava ledges make for otherworldly experiences

Cappadocia, Turkey - Fairy chimneys, smooth folding hills, and cave dwellings are the main features of this ethereal landscape

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia - The largest salt flat in the world reflects the sky during the wet season (above). In the dry winter months, it becomes a mosaic of salt tiles (below)

Socotra Island, Yemen - Because of its isolation in the Indian Ocean, magical plant life lives here that you won’t see anywhere else. Behold the dragon’s blood tree.

The Richat Structure, near Ouadane, Mauritania - A circular feature, 50 km across, in the middle of the otherwise featureless Mauritanian Sahara

Four Corners region, USA - The Colorado Plateau gets funky at the Arizona-Utah border. That’s where you’ll find this called Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Dead Sea, Israel/Jordan - Lowest point on Earth, deepest salt lake in the world, the list of the Dead Sea’s bizarreness is a long one. Being there and floating lifeless, is even more satisfying

The Sahara - he world’s largest hot desert is as big as the entire U.S. The deep red sand and its wave-like silhouette makes for an uncanny landscape

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