Bike, Car or Jetfighter?!

I love technology. Especially green technology.
That's why when I came across the new VentureOne vehicle, that actually got the green light to go into production,
I couldn't help but blog.

The vehicle seats two and is capable of 100 miles per hour while maintaining its 100 miles per gallon fuel efficiency (amazing!) going from 0 - 60 in a respectable 6 seconds. The total range is between 300 - 350 miles which is equivalent to most compact cars like the Civic and Corolla. And that is just the start of its greatness.

This is a three-wheeled dream. It comes in two forms. A pure plug-in electric or a plug-in hybrid petrol-electric. The car only seats two, but is actually the same height and length as a MINI Cooper.

The absolute coolest thing about this phenomenon is its tilting technology, which allows the front wheel and both in-line passengers to tilt up to 45 degrees while cornering, even as the rear two wheels, anchored by the motor, remain firmly on the ground.

"You steer it like a car, but when cornering it banks like a motorcycle while you feel like you are flying a jetfighter. The thrill of this tilting capability combined with the handling of a sports car makes for an exhilarating driving experience unlike any other."

Fuel economy, safety features, and all around cool factor make this a must have for all. Now I only need $23,000

For more information, and to see a cool video :

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